20 April 2014

Volunteer Philippines

Make a difference and help the people and children in need in the Philippines by doing your volunteer in the Philippines program in this amazing country with its wonderful people. Make a difference whilst traveling!

17 November 2013

Typhoon Haiyan Volunteering

In The Philippines poverty remains a serious problem. Even more with Typhoon Haiyan which has caused a lot of damage in the areas where we orpganize our volunteering programs in Cebu which damaged a lot of buildings which means these already very poor people had to rebuild their houses.

10 August 2013

Teach English to Buddhist Monks in Chiang Mai

Teach English to Buddhist Monks in Chiang Mai. Our programs in Thailand allow you to take part in meaningful volunteering work whilst discovering the people and the culture of Thailand.


08 August 2013

Philippines Volunteer Video

25 July 2013

Plan for your Gap Year Abroad

Plan for your Gap Year Abroad, wether you are backpacking around the world or doing a volunteering program, it is important to do your planning so there are no unexpected surprises.

24 July 2013

Volunteer in the Philippines

Volunteer in Manila, Cebu or Davao in the Philippines fora wonderful experience working in an orphanage, teaching English and helping with community volunteering projects.

23 July 2013

Volunteer in India

Volunteer in India with WLS International and choose from different locations :

19 July 2013

14 July 2013

Experience Thailand

11 July 2013

Volunteer in Bali

Volunteer in Bali, Indonesia where you can teach English, work with children or join the Bali Experience Program!

05 July 2013

Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Volunteer in Sri Lanka with different projects available such as orphanages, teaching, renovation and turtle conservation projects. You can also join the Sri Lanka Experience, a tour of adventure, volunteering and traveling.

01 July 2013

Volunteer Testimonial

See what our volunteer Tanya from The Netherlands said about our Nepal Volunteer Program.

After arriving for the first time in Asia, I felt at home straight away during the program in Nepal. The introduction was very helpful. In the monastery the kids were very friendly and eager to learn English. After volunteering the coordinating staff helped me to organise a nice trip to see some sights in other parts of the country. I really loved my stay and the coordinators absolutely made me feel at home in Nepal. Thanks you very much for this nice experience I will never forget.
Tanya Jansen, Netherlands


23 June 2013

Going to Thailand to do volunteering in an orphanage is something that many travellers do. Working in an orphanage gives you the opportunity to make yourself useful for the benefit of the charity, whilst also immersing you into the Thai culture. Many new experiences will come and you will meet a great deal of variety of people which will add to your overseas trip. Here's a video of two volunteers from Europe who joined one of the few well-respected volunteer organisations operating only in Asia, WLS international.

As you can see the experience that these volunteers have had is very deep and very rewarding. Giving your time and energy in the service of others makes you grow as a person and enhances your experiences abroad. For more information about how to volunteer in an orphanage in Thailand go here.

08 June 2013

The benefits of going on a volunteer abroad trip are numerous. First of all you are giving back to communities in need. Communities and children in developing countries are often struggling to just get their basic needs met. By volunteering and giving a hand to those people you are making a difference in their lives. But also you are making a difference in your own life as an in depth experience like this will stay with you for a very long tine and change you as a person in a very meaningful way.

As a volunteer you get a first-hand understanding and appreciation of the local culture and the community. You will see the challenges that the community's face and will be able to make a difference in the lives of those people. Volunteers live amongst the local people which means that for some parts you will be living just like them and will be able to experience how life is for those people. This will enable you to truly understand the day to day challenges of the local people. This is the best way to get a real sense of what it is like on a practical basis. It means stepping away from your comfort zone and helping those who need it.